Keeping Your Dog Safe on the Beach

It’s great fun to take your dog to the beach, and many of our canine companions love visiting the shore. Just make sure that Fido stays safe during beach day! Use these tips from a vet Lafayette, LA to ensure that your canine companion stays healthy.

Heatstroke and Dehydration

Bring a beach umbrella for shade, and pack a large thermos of fresh water for your pooch to drink from. This will help keep him properly hydrated and ward off dangerous heatstroke. If you see your pet panting heavily or appearing exhausted, it’s time to head indoors.

Swimming Safety Tips

Will your dog be heading into the water? Always go into the ocean with your pooch to lend a supportive arm; dogs aren’t always used to ocean currents and tides, even if they’re strong swimmers. Don’t let your dog venture too far out.

A Final Rinse

When beach day is over, be sure to rinse out your companion’s coat of fur with fresh water from the garden hose or a bathtub. Leaving sand or salt water in the fur is only inviting irritation and dry skin!

Want more beach safety tips for dogs? Call your animal hospital Lafayette, LA for help.