How to Pamper Your Feline Friend

Do you own a cat? Our feline friends love to be pampered every now and again. Use these tips from a veterinary clinic Indianapolis, IN to make your cat’s life as great as possible.

Napping Spots

As you know, cats love their naps. Make sure to provide Fluffy with multiple soft beds set up around the home for maximum sleep options. What cat doesn’t love curling up with a few soft blankets?


Give your cat plenty of fun toys to keep herself amused. Even a string dangled in front of her face will do the trick! Playing is important for keeping your cat properly stimulated, and it gives her good exercise and helps work out her claws, teeth, and gums.

Cat Tower

Cat towers provide your pet with multiple platforms to jump to and from, and many come with built-in toys or scratching posts. They’re great for keeping your cat active and entertained, even when you’re not at home! Head to your local pet store to browse the selection.

Does your cat need vaccinations, pest-control medicines, or a veterinary examination? Schedule an appointment with your vet Indianapolis, IN. We’re here to help with all of your pet care needs!