Vaccinations for Kittens

Cats need their vaccinations to stay healthy, and it’s always best that they first get them as kittens. Do you have questions about the vaccinations your kitten requires? Read on as your Rochester, NY veterinarian tells you more.

Core Vaccines

Your kitten needs the core vaccinations to protect against particularly common and/or contagious diseases, such as rabies, hepatitis, feline leukemia (FeLV), and others. These are considered necessary for all cats—if your feline friend is in need, call your vet today to set up an appointment.

Non-Core Vaccines

Other vaccinations—known as the non-core vaccines and not considered essential for every cat—may help your feline friend based on factors like a risk of exposure, environment, and location, etc. Talk to your veterinarian to find out what non-core vaccines might benefit your cat.


Most kittens can receive the initial rounds of vaccinations as early as eight weeks of age. From there, they’ll need booster shots on many vaccines to keep them effective as the years go on. For information about booster shot schedules, talk to your vet.

Do you have more questions about the vaccines that your cat needs? Ready to make an appointment? Call your vet’s Rochester, NY  office.