Winter Weather Care for Pets

When winter weather hits, it’s imperative that you keep your animal companion’s health and happiness in mind. Winter can be a dangerous time for our pets! Use these tips from a Livonia, MI vet.

Indoor Time

Never leave your pet outdoors for extended periods when it’s cold. This is only inviting deadly hypothermia and frostbite. Your pet will be safest indoors, where it’s warm—only allow them out for quick bathroom breaks or exercise sessions.

Cold-Weather Toxins

Antifreeze is one of wintertime’s most dangerous toxins; it might contain ethylene glycol, a deadly alcohol that can even attract pets with its sweet smell and taste. Keep pets indoors when using antifreeze, and store it carefully.

Do your bets to have your pet avoid ice; it may be treated with road salt or chemical melting agents, and you don’t want your pet getting these substances on their paws and ingesting them later.

Diet Change

Some pets benefit from a slightly larger portion size in winter; that’s because they might expend more energy trying to keep warm, and can use the extra calories. Ask your vet before changing your pet’s diet.

For more cold-weather care tips, contact your vet Livonia, MI today.