Caring for Your Small Dog

Do you own a small dog? Our smaller canine companions are typically defined as those that weigh about 10 pounds or less. Here, your Marietta, GA vet offers a few special care tips for your diminutive dog.

Proper Diet

A small dog’s nutritional requirements are far different than those of a large breed. Make sure your pup is eating the right food! Supply your pooch with a specially formulated diet made just for the needs of smaller dogs. Ask your vet to recommend a great choice.

Exercise Needs

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a smaller dog doesn’t need exercise. They need walks and playtime just like other canines! Certain small dogs—brachycephalic breeds in particular, which have squashed faces and bulging eyes—shouldn’t be overworked, though. Talk to your vet for specifics on your pup’s exercise needs.


It’s all too easy for a small dog to escape out of a cracked door. Like any dog, your little companion should be properly identified with ID tags, a microchip, or both! Talk to your vet if your pup needs these identification measures.

Does your dog need veterinary care? We’re always here to help. Contact your pet clinic Marietta, GA.