Three Ways to Help Your Pet Live Longer

Our pets provide us with years of companionship, love, and joy. Why not lengthen the time you have with your pet in every way that you can? Below, your Glendale, AZ veterinarian offers a few ways to do just that.

Practice Preventative Medicine

Preventative medicine is a great way to avoid health problems before they strike. Keep your pet up-to-date on pest control medicines to ward off fleas, ticks, and worms like heartworm and roundworm. It’s also essential that you have your pet vaccinated to protect against diseases like distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis, rabies, and more.

Feed a Great Diet

Feeding your pet a high-quality diet is the easiest way to lengthen their lifespan and keep all bodily systems functioning properly. Be sure to feed your companion in the proper portion sizes—ask your vet for a recommendation on a great food choice, as well as what your pet’s portion needs are.

See Your Vet

Regular veterinary appointments are key for maintaining your pet’s healthy lifestyle. Trouble can be caught early and stopped before it gets any worse.

To set up an appointment to have your pet examined, contact your veterinary clinic Glendale, AZ today. Your pet will thank you!