Living With a Pet When You Have Allergies

It’s heartbreaking to learn that you’re allergic to your beloved pet. Don’t give up, though—there are a few options you can try! Learn more here from a Plano, TX vet.


Did you know that grooming your pet can greatly reduce the dander your pet gives off? Of course, you may need to have a non-allergic family member do the grooming itself. Brush and bathe your pet regularly, always using tools and shampoos designed especially for your animal companion’s breed.

Air Filters

Air filters set up around your home can do wonders for getting rid of pesky dander and another allergens in the air, letting you breathe easier and react far less. Ask your vet to recommend an air filter type designed specifically to combat pet allergens.

Allergy-Free Zone

Make one room or floor of your home an allergy-free zone. Outfit it with multiple air filters, dander-filtering curtains and hypoallergenic sheets, etc. Tightly restrict your pet’s access to this area. In this way, you have a place to go where you won’t suffer allergic reactions!

Do you need help dealing with your pet’s grooming needs or hair care? Set up an appointment with your vet clinic Plano, TX today.