Taking Good Care of Your Dog’s Coat

Our canine companions aren’t quite as good at grooming themselves as our cats are. Give them a helping hand! Here, your Marietta, GA vet tells you how to take good care of Fido’s coat.


Brush your dog on a regular basis. Not only will it remove loose fur and get rid of grime, it spreads essential skin oils through the fur. This moisturizes your dog’s coat naturally and ultimately cuts down on shedding.


The occasional bath is another great way to maintain your dog’s coat. Always use a canine-formulated shampoo, as other shampoos may irritate your dog’s skin. Don’t overdo bathing, either—it can dry out your dog’s skin and fur if you bathe too frequently.

Proper Nutrition

Your dog’s diet actually has quite a bit to do with his coat quality. When Fido receives the proper nutrients through food, the skin stays healthy and the fur remains properly moisturized. Ask your veterinary professional to recommend a high-quality diet that works for your pooch’s age, breed, and weight.

Want more tips on your dog’s grooming regimen? We’re here to help with all of your pet-care needs! Call your veterinary clinic Marietta, GA today to set up an appointment.