How to Keep Fido Calm at the Vet’s Office

If your dog is like many of our canine companions, the vet’s office isn’t his favorite place in the world. Veterinary offices can be highly stress-inducing for many of our dogs, but there are a few things you can do to help. Learn more here from an Aurora, CO veterinarian.

Practice Exams

Try staging mock exams at home. Put your dog up on a table, steadying him with one hand, then poke and prod him a bit. These techniques can help your dog get used to the real sensations he’ll feel later at the office!

Car Anxiety Tips

Many dogs get anxious in cars because they only ever are taken to one place—the vet’s office! Be sure to go on rides with your dog to other fun locations, like a park. This way, your pooch sees that car rides aren’t always bad, helping him to remain calm before he gets to the vet’s office.

In the Waiting Room

Bring along a few of your pooch’s favorite toys and treats to help give him a sense of familiarity during the visit.

Want more tips for keeping your dog calm at the veterinarian’s office? Call your pet clinic Aurora, CO today.