Paw Care Tips for Your Canine Companion

Your dog uses his feet to do just about everything: walking, running, scratching, playing, and much more! Keep these essential body parts healthy with these tips from an Ashburn, VA veterinary professional:

Nail Trims

Regular nail trims are essential for your dog’s continued paw health. When nails become too long, they can split painfully or get snagged in carpets and other surfaces. Walking can even become difficult or impossible! Use a canine-specific nail trimmer to keep Fido’s claws properly blunted, or have your vet’s office take care of it for you.


It’s possible for your dog’s paw pads to become cracked and dry, especially in cold weather. Combat the problem with a canine-specific paw-pad moisturizer. These products can help your dog’s paw pads stay properly moisturized and prevent cracking, ultimately helping your pooch stay more comfortable!

Paw Checks

Sit down with your dog about once a week to check over each of the paws. Look for any foreign objects stuck in between your dog’s toes or embedded in the paw pads; remove them if possible, and call your vet if you’re having trouble.

Want more tips for your dog’s paw care? Contact your vet clinic Ashburn, VA for help.