Stop Your Dog’s Counter-Surfing Habit

Does your dog get up on his hind legs and surf the edges of the counter, gobbling up any tasty morsel he can find? Perhaps you have a dog that can get his whole body up on your kitchen table! Nip this behavior in the bud with these tips from a Lafayette, LA veterinarian.

Put Food Away

First things first: if your dog can’t find anything on the counters, there’s not much reason for him to continue with his bad behavior! Never leave food out on the countertops or tables if you can help it; with any luck, your dog will never discover the opportunity in the first place.


Whenever you see your dog sniffing around the counters, clap your hands sharply and tell your pooch “no” in a firm voice. You can even direct him to his bed or another area of the house to really get the point across. Keep this up, and your dog will get the hint that he shouldn’t be around the counters at all.


A last resort is deterrents, like noise-makers or water-spraying devices. Ask your vet for more information.

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