Pest Control Tips for Pet Owners

Dogs and cats—even those who don’t go outside and remain indoors for their entire lives—are at risk for contracting infections or infestations from pests. The trick is preparing ahead of time to keep your animal companion safe! Learn more here from a veterinarian Crown Point, IN.

Fleas and Ticks

Keep your pet up to date on a flea-and-tick preventative to ward off these pesky critters. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation; most are chewable tablets that are fed to your pet on a monthly basis. It’s far easier than dealing with a flea infestation or the diseases that ticks can transmit!


By keeping your pet on a heartworm preventative, you’re warding away not only heartworms but most other types of dangerous worms and intestinal parasites. Call your vet today if your pet isn’t already on a heartworm preventative; it’s key to a healthy life!


The heartworm preventative mentioned above is a great step for keeping your pet safe from mosquitos, which transmit heartworm. It’s also important to remove any sources of standing water from your yard, where mosquitos like to breed.

To get your pet the medication they need, call your animal hospital Crown Point, IN.