Tips on Grooming Your Cat

Our feline friends pride themselves on being excellent self-groomers. That doesn’t mean your cat can’t use a little help now and then, especially if they’re aging! Here, your Oshawa, ON veterinary professional gives you a few tips on grooming your cat.


Run a brush through your cat’s fur to keep it smooth, soft, and shiny. Brushing removes loose and dead hair, and it spreads your cat’s own skin oils through the coat to moisturize it naturally. Plus, you’ll trap a lot of fur in the brush, preventing Fluffy from ingesting it and regurgitating it in the form of a hairball!


Your cat probably won’t take kindly to baths, but they can be effective to keep your pet’s coat clean and soft. Always use a feline-formulated shampoo, as other shampoos may be too strong for your animal friend’s sensitive skin.

Scratching Post

Scratching posts or boards are great tools for helping to keep your cat’s claws naturally dulled. They also allow your pet to get out her natural scratching instincts. We recommend having one scratching post per cat in the household.

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