Nail Trims for Dogs

Nail trims are an important part of any dog’s grooming routine. If nails grow too long, they can split painfully and even start to affect a dog’s gait! Here, your veterinarian Savannah, GA gives you a step-by-step process for clipping Fido’s nails successfully.


First, gather everything you’ll need in a quiet, well-lit area of the house. You’ll require a set of canine-specific nail trimmers, a styptic powder to staunch any bleeding, and a few dog treats.

Snip the Tips

When your pooch is ready, take one paw and begin to snip the tips of each claw. You’re only trying to blunt the end; there’s no need to clip far down the nail. If you clip too far, you’ll cause bleeding—that’s where your styptic powder comes in.

Repeat and Reward

Repeat the process around all of your dog’s paws, offering a treat after each paw is completed. This way, your dog associates a reward with successful nail trims!

If you’re not comfortable trimming your dog’s nails yourself, we’re here to help! We can clip your dog’s nails and get him or her feeling comfortable again—all you have to do is make an appointment. Call your vet clinic Savannah, GA.