The Basics of Guinea Pig Care

Choose a wire-mesh cage for your guinea pig that is large enough to accommodate hiding huts, a food dish and water bottle, toys, and space to play. The cage will need a solid bottom to hold your guinea pig’s bedding material; this wood-shaving material will need to be scooped out and replaced every week or so.


Guinea pigs eat a combination of timothy hay, a commercial guinea pig pellet food, and fresh fruits and veggies to supplement their nutrition. Cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, bits of apple or kiwi, and lettuce are good choices. Ask your vet for further information about your pet’s dietary needs.

Handling Tips

Guinea pigs are sometimes quite skittish; it may take a little time before your pig warms up to human contact. Be patient!

Does your guinea pig need veterinary care? Make an appointment to see your veterinarian Anderson, IN right away.