Keeping Your Cat’s Dental Care in Order

It’s easy to overlook dental health when it comes to our feline companions. The truth is, dental issues are quite common amongst cats! With these tips from your veterinarian Livonia, MI, you’ll be able to maintain Fluffy’s oral health and keep her happy for years to come.

Dental Treats

Since cats don’t tend to chew on toys the way dogs do, they need a little help scraping away loose plaque. Dental treats are the perfect solution—your cat can gnaw on these items daily to keep the teeth and gums strong, healthy, and grime-free.

Quality Diet and Fresh Water

One of the easiest ways to maintain your cat’s dental health at home is by feeding them a great diet and providing them with plenty of fresh water. The proper nutrition keeps teeth and gums healthy, and fresh water helps to rinse the mouth of leftover food, grime, and plaque. Ask your veterinary professional to recommend a great diet choice for your feline friend.

Veterinary Cleanings

There’s no substitute for professional cleanings at the vet’s office! If your cat has serious dental trouble or is due for a cleaning, call your pet clinic Livonia, MI today to get an appointment scheduled.