Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

Dental issues are quite common among dogs. One of the ways to help your pet avoid problems is by brushing their teeth at home! Here, your vet Lafayette, LA gives you three easy steps for brushing Fido’s teeth.

Step 1

Purchase a canine-formulated toothpaste and a dog toothbrush at your local pet supply store. Allow your dog to smell and taste the paste, then start by rubbing a bit of the paste around Fido’s teeth and gums with your finger. This allows him to get used to the sensation of brushing.

Step 2

When your dog is ready, put a small bit of paste on the brush and try brushing a few teeth. Eventually, you’ll be able to work your way around the whole mouth! Only focus on the outer tooth surfaces, as plaque tends to accumulate there.

Step 3

Once you’ve brushed your dog’s whole mouth, be sure to give him a tasty treat or two for a job well done. This will reinforce the notion that regular brushing warrants a reward!

Do you need help with your dog’s dental care routine? Is your dog overdue for a professional cleaning at the vet’s office? Call your veterinarian Lafayette, LA.