Kitten-Proofing Your Home or Apartment

Are you bringing a kitten home soon? Kittens’ inquisitive and rambunctious nature can be a recipe for danger if you’re not careful! Use these tips from a veterinarian Rochester, NY to kitten-proof your home before little Fluffy’s arrival.

Toxic Materials

Toxic foods, cleaning supplies, pest poisons designed to kill off insects or rodents, human medications… there is no shortage of potentially poisonous materials in your home that could harm your kitten! Store all dangerous substances in areas where your pet won’t be able to reach.

Sharp Objects or Edges

Take a close look at each room in your home that your kitten will be allowed into. Check for any sharp edges or objects, and take steps to subvert the danger. Make sure knives and forks are stored in the kitchen; don’t leave sharp tools lying about where a kitten could try playing with them.


Make sure you don’t leave windows or doors hanging open, giving your kitten an escape route to the great outdoors. It’s also important that you have your pet microchipped early on in life for proper identification; talk to your vet for more information.

For further advice on kitten safety, contact your animal hospital Rochester, NY.