Your Cat’s Hairball Production

If you own a cat, you’ve probably dealt with a hairball or two in your day. Below, your pet clinic Jacksonville, FL answers your most frequently asked questions regarding your feline friend’s hairballs.

How Do Hairballs Form?

Cats ingest plenty of loose hair when they groom themselves. Most of this hair moves through the digestive tract and is expelled naturally in your cat’s feces, but some remains in the gut. This hair forms into a ball and is eventually expelled through the esophagus, resulting in a hairball.

Are Hairballs Safe?

Yes, the occasional hairball is a normal part of life for most cats. However, if you see your cat gagging and retching but not producing a hairball, she may be choking—rush Fluffy to the emergency room. Additionally, vomiting is a separate health issue that is not the same as coughing up a hairball; a cat who is vomiting should be taken to the vet’s office for examination.

Can I Lessen the Frequency of Hairballs?

Feeding your cat a healthy diet and brushing her on a daily basis are the two best ways to minimize loose hair, thereby lessening the frequency of hairballs.

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