How to Brush Your Canine Companion’s Teeth

Dental problems are rather common amongst domesticated dogs. Keep your pet’s pearly whites looking great with regular brushing at home. Here, your veterinarian Westminster, MD tells you how to go about brushing in three quick steps.

Gather Your Supplies

First, gather together your supplies in the area where you’ll be performing Fido’s brushing session. You’ll need a canine-formulated toothpaste, a toothbrush designed specifically for use on pets, and a few tasty dog treats.


Start by dabbing a bit of the paste on your finger and letting your dog get used to the smell and taste. When your pooch is ready, put some paste on the brush and start brushing. Only focus on the outer tooth surfaces, where plaque is most likely to accumulate. Take frequent breaks if your dog doesn’t like the sensation.

Repeat and Reward

Repeat until all of your canine companion’s teeth have been brushed. Be sure to reward your pooch frequently with dog treats, as this will reinforce the notion that staying calm for brushing results in a reward!

Do you need help brushing your dog’s teeth? Want more advice on Fido’s dental care routine? Call your pet clinic Westminster, MD to speak with the professionals.