Easy Ways to Entertain Your Cat

It’s always best not to let your cat get bored. Bored cats might act out by scratching furniture or getting aggressive. Below, learn about three ways to keep Fluffy entertained from your vet Washington DC.


There’s just no substitute for classic cat toys. Most cats love toys that mimic prey animals, such as fake mice or birds. However, even a piece of yarn dangled in front of their face will do the trick! Toys offer your cat hours of fun, and they promote good exercise.

Laser Light

A laser light is a great way to get your cat moving and keep her entertained. Just about all cats love chasing that pesky red dot that they just can’t seem to catch! Just make sure you don’t shine the light directly into your pet’s eyes, as this could cause retinal damage.


Cat furniture is a great way to have your cat entertain herself, even when you’re not at home. Cat towers and jungle gym structures provide raised platforms, scratching areas, and even toys built right in. Shop the selection at your local pet store today.

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