Keeping Your Cat Entertained When You’re Not Home

A cat who is entertained and stimulated remains happy and well-behaved. How do you keep your feline friend entertained when you’re gone at work all day? Here are a few suggestions from your veterinarian Lafayette, LA.


There’s just no substitute for good old-fashioned cat toys. Make sure that your feline friend has plenty of fun toys to play with; try puzzle toys or automated toys that allow your cat to entertain herself. Use caution, though: don’t leave toys lying around that your cat could choke on or swallow.

Cat Tower

Cat towers provide your pet with a number of platforms to jump to and from, and they often have built-in toys and scratching posts for further fun. Browse the selection at your local pet supply store and choose a tower that suits your cat’s needs.


Try sprinkling a bit of catnip before you leave, giving your cat a fun surprise to find later. You can also try toys or sprays that have been infused with catnip. Our feline friends go wild for the stuff!

Would you like to know more about your cat’s exercise and entertainment needs? Call your Lafayette, LA animal hospital. We’re always here to help!