Why Having Your Pet Spayed or Neutered is Such a Good Idea

Spaying or neutering your pet early on in life is always a good idea, but it’s not just about preventing unplanned litters. Spaying and neutering offers many benefits for your pet’s whole life! Learn more below from a veterinarian London, ON.

Behavioral Improvements

Without as many hormones coursing through their systems, pets are less likely to act out in undesirable ways once they’ve had the spay or neuter surgery performed. While the surgery isn’t a cure-all for bad behavior, pets are less likely to exhibit behaviors like house soiling and/or urine spraying, aggression toward owners or other pets, scratching, chewing, digging, loud vocalizations, and more.

Health Benefits

The risk of genital cancer is essentially eliminated in pets who have had the procedure done, and other cancers like breast and prostate cancer are far less likely to occur. Urinary tract infections and other relatively common ailments are also far less likely!

The Greater Good

Of course, there is a broader purpose to having your pet spayed or neutered. It helps control the homeless pet population! Don’t allow your pet to breed in an uncontrolled manner—you’re only adding to the problem.

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