Toad Venom Toxicity in Dogs

You may be surprised to learn that some toads can poison companion animals. Poisonous toads can even prove fatal if a dog isn’t treated promptly! Learn more below from a Frisco, TX vet.

Poisonous Toads

Two species of toads found in the United States are particularly dangerous for dogs: the Marine Toad, which is typically found in Florida and Hawaii; and the Colorado River Toad, found in southwestern desert areas of the United States. These toads secrete toxins through their skin glands, and dogs usually become poisoned when they pick up the toad in their mouth.


Since a toad’s venom is fast-acting, a dog may first display symptoms like head shaking, drooling, vocalizing, and vomiting. If poisoning continues, respiratory distress, seizures, collapse, and worse can occur.


A dog’s mouth must be flushed with water immediately after poisoning to stop further absorption of the toxin; this may need to be done under anesthesia. IV fluids, pain medication, and other treatments might be necessary as a dog recovers. Immediate treatment is of the essence!

Restrict your dog’s access to toads to prevent poisoning, and don’t leave food and water dishes outdoors unattended. Call your veterinarian Frisco, TX for more tips.