The Basics of Guinea Pig Care

Are you considering adding a guinea pig to your family in the future? These little critters make great pets. Learn about their basic care needs below from your vet Las Vegas, NV.

Dietary Needs

Your guinea pig will need a steady supply of commercial pellet food, as well as timothy hay. Guinea pigs will also need fresh fruits and veggies on a daily basis. Some good choices are cucumbers, carrots, apple slices, and zucchini. Ask your vet for further specifics.


Select a cage for your pet that is large enough to accommodate a hiding hut, a food dish, a water bottle, and toys. The cage needs a solid bottom for your pig’s bedding, a wood-shaving material that will need to be scooped out and replaced on a regular basis. If you plan on keeping multiple guinea pigs together in the same cage, scale up accordingly.

Handling and Socialization

Guinea pigs are often skittish, and it may take a little time for your pig to warm up to human contact. Don’t rush it, and try picking your pig up gently from their bottom so that they’re comfortable.

Call your animal hospital Las Vegas, NV today for your pet’s veterinary needs.