Hazards at Home for Your Pet Bird

Do you own a pet bird? There are many hazards in the typical home that you must keep your bird safe from! Your veterinarian London, ON tells you about three of the most common in this article:


Since birds’ respiratory systems are so much more sensitive than humans, fumes are a big danger. Don’t allow your pet bird to inhale smoke, chemical fumes, cooking fumes, perfumes, etc. Don’t heat non-stick or Teflon coating pans with your bird around, as this can release microscopic particles that can cause serious harm or even death to birds.

Toxic Foods

Plenty of human foods aren’t good for birds. Chocolate, avocado, garlic and onions, salty items, and alcohol are just a few examples. Never leave harmful foods within reach of your bird, and be very careful about what you give your feathered friend to snack on. Ask your vet what kind of human foods are safe for birds.

Open Windows

Don’t leave windows or doors hanging open while Polly is out of her cage. It’s all too easy for her to fly away and get lost!

For more information on pet bird safety, contact your animal hospital London, ON. We’re always here to help!