Why Has My Cat Stopped Using His Litterbox?

Has your feline friend been eliminating outside of her litterbox? It’s not uncommon amongst cats—about one in every 10 felines will develop some sort of litterbox aversion at one point or another! Here, your veterinarian Brandon, FL tells you what might be going on.


Cats are picky about their bathroom’s cleanliness. If it’s too dirty, your cat might shun it entirely! Scoop out your pet’s box on a daily basis, adding a bit of clean litter to replace that which you’ve taken out. On a weekly basis, change the litter entirely to keep things at maximum freshness.


Where your cat’s box is located might have something to do with his behavior. Cats prefer to do their business in peace and quiet, so place the box in a low-key, out-of-the-way section of the house where he won’t be disturbed. In most homes, a bathroom, laundry room, or basement works well.

Medical Concerns

It’s also possible that medical issues are the root cause behind your cat’s litterbox avoidance. Have your pet examined at the vet’s office right away if you think this may be the case.

For more information on your cat’s litterbox behavior, contact your vet Brandon, FL.