Why Water is So Important for Your Dog

Drinking water is an essential part of your dog’s every day activities. In fact, without proper water consumption, a dog can experience organ failure and die! Below, your Frisco, TX vet tells you why water is so important to your canine companion’s good health.


First of all, water keeps your dog hydrated. Essentially, all body functions need water—the lack of water is called dehydration, which can quickly lead to serious problems throughout the body. Another part of hydration involves keeping the body cool; water helps regulate your dog’s body temperature so that he doesn’t overheat. Last but not least, water helps to lubricate joints, making movement easier.


Did you know that water helps aid in the digestion of food? It literally helps your dog’s tissues to absorb nutrients. Water is also important for moving nutrients into and out of cells, and it helps remove waste and toxins from the body via urination.

Dental Health

Another benefit of fresh water is that it helps flush out your dog’s mouth, keeping it clean and free of excess plaque build-up.

Provide your dog with plenty of fresh water every day. For more health tips, contact your veterinary clinic Frisco, TX.