Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

Ask any veterinarian: they’ll agree that spaying or neutering your pet early on in life is a great way to benefit their health and wellness for the long-term. Below, your veterinarian Tampa, FL tells you more about the many benefits of the procedure.

Lowered Health Risks

The spay or neuter surgery eliminates the chance of genital cancers, and it greatly lowers the risk of other cancer types, like breast and prostate cancer. It even makes the chance of common ailments like urinary tract infections less likely. This saves you worry, hassle, and money down the road by avoiding these health problems entirely.

Behavior Improvement

Pets who have had the procedure performed tend to behave far better than those who remain intact. The surgery doesn’t make your pet a perfect angel, but it greatly reduces undesirable behaviors like house soiling and/or urine spraying, aggression, loud vocalization, digging, chewing, scratching, escape attempts, and more.

The Greater Good

Every year, millions of pets across the globe must be euthanized, simply because of pet overpopulation. Don’t let your pet contribute to the problem! The spay and neuter procedure benefits the greater good of animal welfare.

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