Why Does My Dog Keep Eating Grass?

Have you noticed your dog eating grass recently? It’s not an uncommon practice amongst our canine friends! Learn more as your London, ON veterinarian elaborates below:

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass, Anyway?

No one knows for sure why dogs eat grass, but there are several theories. Most commonly, it’s believed that dogs might eat grass to make themselves vomit; it could be their way of alleviating a gassy or upset stomach. Your dog could also be tired of his normal food, and eats grass just to try something different. It’s also possible that dogs simply like the texture of grass.

Could Medical Issues Be to Blame?

Yes, your dog could be eating grass in an attempt to add essential nutrients—like fiber—that they’re not getting from the normal diet. It’s possible that your dog is eating grass because of a nutritional deficiency, so contact your vet if this behaviour continues!

Is Eating Grass Safe?

Eating grass occasionally probably won’t cause your dog harm, but don’t let it become a habit. Even if there isn’t a medical problem involved, grass could be treated with dangerous chemicals!

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