Animal Shelter and Rescue Pet Myths

Probably because of the nature of their work, animal shelters are misunderstood occasionally. So are the pets inside of them! Below, your vet Washington DC sets things straight when it comes to animal shelter and rescue pet myths.

Rescue Pets Are Poorly Behaved

This isn’t true. Most pets in shelters are perfectly well-behaved and are just looking for a loving home. Even if pets are aggressive or poorly trained, shelter staff work with these pets to help them be more well-mannered.

Animal Shelters Are Dirty

Quite the opposite—shelters must be kept clean and sanitized to prevent the spread of disease and infection. Shelter staff work diligently to make sure every inch of the shelter is clean!

Rescue Pets Are Old

Think every pet in a shelter is old and unwanted? This isn’t true! Pets of almost any age—from puppies and kittens to middle-aged pets and senior companions—can be found in your local shelters. If you’re looking to adopt a specific age of pet, try touring through your local rescue facilities before visiting a pet store or breeder.

To learn more about animal adoption and rescued pets, contact your vet clinic Washington DC today. We’re here to help!