Antibiotics and Your Pet

You’ve undoubtedly heard of antibiotics—they’re widely used in the human medical world, but did you know that antibiotics are also commonly prescribed to pets? Below, your Aurora, CO veterinarian tells you about the basics of antibiotics for animals.

What Are Antibiotics Used to Treat?

Antibiotics treat bacterial infections in or on your pet’s body. They do not treat viral infections, and will never be prescribed to a pet suffering from a virus unless that pet has developed secondary bacterial infections.

How Do They Work?

Antibiotics work in several different ways, depending on the type administered and the infection in question. Some weaken bacteria’s cell walls; others prevent bacteria from multiplying to stop the spread of infection; other antibiotics stop bacteria cells from repairing themselves.

How Are Antibiotics Administered?

Antibiotics can be given orally in pill form, and they are sometimes applied topically in gel or ointment form. The entire regimen of antibiotics should be finished when a pet is being treated; this is essential to prevent the development of bacterial resistance. Additionally, some antibiotics should be given with food, while some must be given on an empty stomach.

Talk to your Aurora, CO vet for more information on antibiotics.