Keeping Your Cat Comfortable During Thunderstorms

For many of our feline friends, the brilliant flashes of lightning and the deafening booms of thunder are quite frightening. To try and help your cat stay calm during the next storm, try these tips from a Rochester, NY vet.

Hiding Spot

Most cats prefer to hide away where they’ll feel safe and secure until the storm has passed over. Make sure your pet has just such a space! You can even set up a “safe zone” for your cat, complete with a bed and a few plush blankets in an out-of-the-way spot.

Thunder Jacket

Did you know that there are many articles of clothing made to comfort pets during thunderstorms? Try out a thunder jacket or some other kind of storm clothing if your cat is afraid of thunder and lightning. Ask your veterinary professional what kind of outfit might work best for your pet.


Desensitization techniques involve getting your cat used to the sounds of a storm by playing a recording of thunder at a low volume. Before trying such a technique, consult your vet.

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