Three Steps to Help Your Pet Lose Weight

Is your pet looking a little too pudgy? Many of our house pets are overweight, and it’s up to us as good pet owners to get the problem under control. Below, your veterinarian Salem, VA gives you three steps to help your pet lose weight.

See Your Vet

First, make an appointment to have your pet examined at the vet’s office. Your vet can tell you if your pet is, in fact, overweight. From there, you’ll develop a weight-loss plan to help your pet shed the excess pounds and return to a healthy size.

Diet Change

Ask your vet about a proper portion size for your pet. Many times, all it takes to help get your pet back to a healthy weight is feeding them in a measured serving size! A change in diet may also be necessary; when your pet receives a high-quality food, he or she is getting the right nutrients for good health and proper weight.


Of course, no diet plan is complete without exercise. Get your pet moving daily to burn away excess calories—go for long walks and have play sessions with your pet’s favorite toys.

Learn more by calling your vet Salem, VA.