External Pests That Can Hurt Your Cat

Even if your cat never ventures outdoors, she’s at risk of external parasites. They could find their way inside or be carried in on people or other pets. Here are the major external pests to watch out for—learn more below from a Frisco, TX vet.


Fleas present perhaps the biggest danger to your cat. You’ll notice your pet scratching more than usual, and you might see tiny black specks under the fur (these are flea droppings). Luckily, by keeping your cat on a flea preventative, you’ll save yourself the hassle! Talk to your vet to learn more.


Ticks might transmit dangerous diseases to your cat, including Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, among others. It’s important to ward off these tiny pests before they start causing problems. Talk to your vet about a tick preventative.

Mites and Lice

Mite and lice infestations aren’t as common as flea and tick infestations, but they can harm your cat nonetheless. Fortunately, these type of infestations are usually treated easily with medications and shampoos. Ask your vet for more information on mites and lice that affect cats.

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