Selecting a Dog Kennel

Many dog owners must keep their canine companion at a kennel at some point or another. It’s important to pick a great kennel so that you know your dog stays safe and sound until you return. Here are three tips on doing just that from an Aurora, CO vet:

Get Recommendations

Ask trusted family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors, or other dog owners that you know for recommendations on great kennels that they’ve patronized in the past. You can also ask us—we’re here to help you find the best dog kennel for your needs, so call your vet clinic today.

Visit In Person

Once you’ve selected a kennel option, visit in-person before leaving your dog there. If the kennel you’re considering doesn’t allow visits, it’s time to think about other options—that’s a red flag!

Ask the Staff

Chat staff members and managers at the kennel while you’re visiting so that you can get a feel for the establishment’s atmosphere. This way, you’ll feel most comfortable when you’re away knowing that your dog is in good hands.

Does your pooch need vaccinations, pest-control medications, or an examination before his next kennel stay? Call your animal hospital Aurora, CO for help.