How to Brush Fido’s Pearly Whites

Did you know that dental problems are some of the most common health issues that veterinarians see in dogs? It’s up to you to make sure your dog’s teeth and gums stay in tip-top shape before things get out of hand. Below, your vet London, ON tells you how to brush your dog’s teeth.

Get Your Supplies

You’ll need a pet toothbrush, a pet toothpaste made specifically for dogs, and a few tasty dog treats. Gather these items together in the area where you’ll perform Fido’s brushing.

Brush the Teeth

Allow your dog to get used to the paste by letting him smell and taste it. Massage your dog’s teeth and gums with a finger so that he gets used to the brushing sensation. Now, peel back your dog’s lips with a finger, then gently brush the outer surface of a few teeth. Don’t bother focusing on the inner surfaces; plaque tends to accumulate on the outer tooth walls.


After you’ve brushed a section of your dog’s mouth, reward him with a treat. This reinforces the idea that brushing sessions give your dog a reward at the end!>

For help brushing your dog’s teeth, contact your veterinarian London, ON.