Cats and Milk Don’t Mix

Cats and milk go together like peas in a pod… right? Think again! You’ll be surprised to learn that our feline friends and milk don’t mix. Learn more below from your Westminster, MD veterinarian.

Why Can’t Cats Drink Milk?

Most adult cats are lactose-intolerant, meaning that they can’t properly digest lactose in the gut. Many humans suffer from this same condition! If a grown cat drinks too much milk, they’re likely to exhibit vomiting or diarrhea.

What About Kittens?

You’re probably wondering about kittens, who do require milk during the early stages of life. This is true; kittens need their mother’s milk or a milk substitute if the mother isn’t around. However, as a kitten grows, they become more and more lactose-intolerant. By the time a kitten is an adult cat, milk probably won’t agree with them at all!

Is Other Dairy Safe?

Other forms of dairy like yogurt or cheese don’t contain as much lactose as milk. Too much, though, and your cat could still get sick! A commercially available “cat milk,” which has had all lactose removed, is a much safer idea.

For more information on your cat’s diet and nutrition, call your pet clinic Westminster, MD today.