Are My Cat’s Hairballs a Problem?

Most cat owners have to deal with the occasional hairball. It’s a normal part of life for your cat! Can hairballs prove problematic for our feline friends, though? Learn more here from a veterinarian Conyers, GA.

Why Hairballs Happen

When your cat grooms herself, barbs on the tongue pick up fur from the coat. Your cat swallows it, and most of the hair moves through the digestive tract and is expelled in the fecal matter. Some, however, remains in the stomach and clumps together into a hairball. This is regurgitated over time.

Are Hairballs Dangerous?

No, the occasional hairball isn’t a problem for your cat. If your pet is coughing up hairballs frequently, though, it’s time to see the vet. It’s also important to recognize that vomiting is not the same as coughing up a hairball—if your cat is vomiting frequently, call the vet right away.

Minimizing Hairball Production

Take steps to minimize hairball production by brushing your cat every day—this means less swallowed hair—and feeding her a great diet to cut down on shedding.

Want to learn more about your cat’s coat care and dietary needs? We’re here to help. Call your veterinary clinic Conyers, GA.