Slimming Down a Chubby Pet

Is your pet looking a bit round? It’s not uncommon—almost half of all domesticated dogs and cats, in fact, are overweight! If your pet is obese, it’s time to turn things around. Learn more here from a Washington DC vet.

See the Vet

First things first: see your veterinary professional have your chubby pet examined. Your vet can confirm whether or not your pet is really overweight, and then you’ll be able to develop a diet and exercise plan to help your companion lose the excess pounds.

Diet Change

Your vet may recommend a change in portion size because overfeeding is one of the leading causes of obesity among pets. Sometimes, this is all that’s needed to help slim a pet down. In other cases, you may have to switch your companion’s diet entirely; ask your vet to recommend a healthy diet choice that suits your pet’s age and breed.


There’s no substitute for burning calories through exercise. Get your pet moving on a daily basis via brisk walks and play sessions with a favorite toy. Then and only then will you see the pounds start to disappear!

Learn more by calling your vet clinic Washington DC.