Heartworm in Dogs

There are few pests more dangerous to our canine companions than heartworm. Prevention is the best course of action! Learn more here from a veterinarian Crown Point, IN.

Why Prevent Heartworm?

Treating a heartworm infestation after it’s already happened can take months on end, and it’s not guaranteed to work. Some dogs, unfortunately, don’t survive if the infestation isn’t caught early enough. The treatment process itself comes with risks, because killing off adult heartworms in the body can obstruct blood flow—preventing the problem is far easier!

What is Heartworm Medication Like?

Heartworm preventatives come in different forms. Some are applied topically to your dog’s skin once a month and come in the form of a gel or ointment, and chewable tablets or pills are also very common. There is also an injectable version that is administered at your vet’s office.

How Do I Get Started?

If you would like to learn more about preventing heartworms in your canine companion, or if you need more preventatives, set up an appointment at your vet clinic Crown Point, IN today. We’re here to provide your dog with a lifetime of proper protection against heartworms and all other pests that pose a threat.