Why is Playtime Important for My Dog?

How often do you play with your pooch? Playtime is definitely fun, but it’s also beneficial for your canine companion in other ways. Learn more here from a vet in Murrieta, CA.


The first reason that playtime is so important for your pooch is that it provides him with quality exercise. A dog that is playing is also burning calories! Since obesity is one of the most common—and dangerous—illnesses among our dogs, it’s important that you keep your pet at a healthy weight through exercise. Playtime facilitates that!

Mental Stimulation

Dogs who don’t get enough activity tend to act out in undesirable ways; house soiling, aggression toward owners or other pets, digging, scratching, chewing, and loud vocalizations are just a few possibilities. Avoid these by stimulating your dog with regular play.

Quality Bonding Time

Of course, playtime also means that you’re spending quality time with your dog. The relationship that the two of you share is very important—nurture that bond by spending time together and having fun!

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