Care Tips for Older Cats

Is your cat about age eight or older? If so, she’s considered a senior! Our aging feline friends need special care to remain healthy and happy. Learn more here from a veterinarian Roanoke, VA.

Give a Proper Diet

Your cat’s nutritional requirements are quite different from years ago when she was a kitten. Feed her accordingly—your aging cat should be fed a high-quality senior formula, made just for the needs of cats who are getting up there. Ask your vet to recommend a great senior diet for your cat.

Maintain Preventatives

Now that your cat’s older and her immune system is a little weaker, pest infestations and diseases can wreak havoc on her health quickly. Maintain preventative health with proper vaccinations and pest-control medications. Call oyur vet right away if your cat needs these healthcare measures.

Schedule Checkups

Of course, another component of your older cat’s good health is regular checkups at the vet’s office. When your vet examines Fluffy regularly, any health concerns can be caught and treated early on, before they progress into something worse! Set up a recurring checkup schedule with your vet.

Make an appointment for your cat by calling your animal hospital Roanoke, VA.