Don’t Believe Heartworm Myths

There are many types of pests out there just waiting to harm our animal companions. Heartworms are some of the most dangerous. Let your veterinarian London, ON set the record straight on a few common heartworm myths below:

Heartworm Only Affects Dogs

Think heartworm is a canine-only problem? Think again. Dogs are the most at-risk pet for contracting heartworms, yes, but cats can also get them. Cats have developed a natural resistance to heartworms, but certain cats—including young and old cats and immunocompromised cats—are at special risk.

Heartworm is Only a Summertime Problem

Mosquitoes transmit heartworm, and they’re most active in the warm summer months. However, mosquitoes can continue to thrive well into the autumn months when temperatures start to drop! Don’t lapse in heartworm protection just because the heat outside has lessened.

Heartworm Can’t Be Fatal

This is simply not true. Heartworm can be, and frequently is, fatal for pets. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your animal companion stays protected all year round!

Does your pet need a heartworm preventative or other medications? We’re here to help with that. Set up your pet’s next office appointment with your vet clinic London, ON today.