Easy Ways to Give Your Pooch a Pill

It’s a safe bet that you’ll have to give your dog a pill at some point or another. That can prove easier said than done! If you need to give Fido a pill, try these tips from a London, ON animal hospital.

Hide it in Food

Most of the time, you can simply hide your dog’s pill in food. Press the pill into the center of a soft dog treat, wrap it in deli meat, or put it in the center of a glob of wet dog food. Check with your veterinarian first, though, because some medications aren’t supposed to be taken with food.

Crush or Grind It

Ask your vet if you can crush or grind your dog’s pill, allowing you to sprinkle it over food or stir it into a meal. You can’t always do this, as it could introduce too much medicine to your dog’s system at once, but it’s an easy way to administer medication once you’ve gotten the all-clear.

Try the Toss Trick

Toss a treat to your dog, then his pill, then another treat. With luck, your dog won’t notice the difference!

To learn more about your dog’s medication, call your vet London, ON.