Feeding Your Dog Turkey

Have you ever slipped your dog a slice of the Thanksgiving bird or a piece of deli turkey? Your canine friend probably loves the stuff, but is turkey safe for dogs? Learn more below as your Aurora, CO veterinarian tells you more.

Is Turkey Safe for Dogs?

Turkey meat itself isn’t harmful to dogs. However, that doesn’t mean that you should feed your dog turkey meat indiscriminately. When we cook the turkey, we tend to make it with oil, butter, seasonings, and herbs. It’s this added fat content that is dangerous for dogs! Turkey skin, where most of this fat accumulates, is especially dangerous.

What About Turkey Bones?

Turkey bones are perhaps the most hazardous part of the turkey. Poultry bones of all types are brittle and can splinter apart easily, raw or cooked. This can lacerate a dog’s throat or stomach lining. Never give your pooch turkey bones!

How Can I Feed Fido Turkey Safely?

If you give your dog turkey, make sure it’s completely fat-free, lean white meat. Avoid the skin, bones, and any additions like onions or gravy that might be served with turkey.

To learn more about your dog’s diet, contact your animal hospital Aurora, CO today.