Why Does My Cat Knead With Her Paws?

Have you ever witnessed your cat kneading? It’s when your furry friend presses her two front paws into an object in a repeated motion. That object might a pillow, a blanket, or your leg! Below, your Westminster, MD veterinarian explores this odd feline behavior.

Napping Prep

It’s thought that ancient wild cat knead hard dirt or grass surfaces before bedding down for naps. It’s possible that this behavior has been passed down, generation to generation, to your modern-day cat! That’s why you probably often see Fluffy knead before a nap.

Nursing Instinct

Kittens tend to knead their mother’s stomach during nursing, which is thought to stimulate milk production. Your adult cat might associate the action of kneading with the contented feeling of the nursing stage!

Territory Marking

Did you know that your cat’s paw pads contain scent glands? When Fluffy kneads, those scents are released into the object that she’s kneading. This is your cat’s way of marking her territory with her scent.

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