Don’t Let Your Pet Go Without Preventative Healthcare

Wouldn’t you like to prevent a problem in the first place, rather than dealing with it after the fact? When it comes to your pet, you can! Learn more here from a New Orleans, LA veterinarian.


Dangerous diseases like parvovirus, distemper, hepatitis, rabies, and Lyme disease are far harder to eradicate than they are to prevent. With proper vaccination, your pet will avoid them entirely! Ask your vet about the vaccines that your pet requires, and don’t forget to ask about booster shots.

Pest Control

There’s no shortage of dangerous pests out there that are waiting to cause problems for your dog or cat. Fleas, ticks, worms, mosquitoes… the list goes on and on. Make sure your pet is wearing year-round preventative medications to keep these critters away—your vet can set your pet up with a flea-and-tick medication and heartworm medicine.

Veterinary Checkups

Having your pet examined at the vet’s office regularly is another great preventative healthcare measure. Health problems can be caught early and treated appropriately, keeping your pet healthy in the long-term.

Want more tips for your pet’s healthcare and wellness? Contact your pet clinic New Orleans, LA today for help. We’re always here for you!