Why Do Dogs Stare?

If you glance at your dog, there’s a good chance he or she will be staring at you. It’s common behavior from our canine friends—they stare at their owners quite frequently. But why does your dog do it? Learn more here from a pet clinic Aurora, CO.

Fido Wants Something

The most common reason that a dog stares at their owner is that he desires something. That thing is most likely food—that’s why your dog stares at you while you’re eating dinner. Your pup might also stare because they want to go outside to the bathroom, or because they want to play.

Fido Wants to Be Noticed

Did you know that your dog experiences a positive neurochemical reaction in the brain when he looks at you? It’s the same process that happens when we look at a human loved one. So, your dog might be staring at you because he wants attention. Oblige them!

Fido is Looking for Directions

Often, dogs look at owners in anticipation of a command. Now is the time to tell your pup to sit or stay.

Would you like more information about your dog’s behavior? Contact your vet clinic Aurora, CO for help.