Common Cat Poisons

Our feline friends are susceptible to poisoning from a variety of items in and around our homes. Your cat is less likely to gobble up whatever she finds than your dog might be, but it can happen nonetheless! Below, your animal hospital Savannah, GA tells you what to watch out for.

Human Foods

Chocolate, candy, gum, grapes, and raisins, garlic, onions… the list of potentially toxic foods for cats goes on and on! It’s best not to leave harmful foods out on countertops or tables where your pet might be able to gain access.

Toxic Plant Life

Did you know that a wide variety of plants and flowers are dangerous for cats? Lilies are especially hazardous, and other types of vegetation like aloe plants, rhododendron, philodendron, dieffenbachia, elephant ear, ivy, and more can pose a threat as well. Keep your feline friend away from these harmful plants and flowers!


When the temperatures drop, we put antifreeze in our car engines to keep them running. Unfortunately, it’s a dangerous pet toxin that can even attract animals with its sweet smell and taste. Keep your cat out of the garage!

Call your vet Savannah, GA to learn more about household pet poisons.